How lasers help in removing acne scars

Posted on 03 Feb, 2011

Acne leaves blemishes and marks on the skin. They can affect one’s confidence. People have tried using natural therapies, creams and other methods to get rid of acne scars, but these are ordinarily only temporary solutions. Due to developments in cosmetology, scientists have found a technique of using lasers to treat acne scars.

Laser therapy is quick and generally scars can be cured in a few sittings. Patients usually have to sit for sessions that last for fifteen minutes to an hour. The time period will depend on the severity of the scars.

There are different types of lasers available for treating acne scars. These lasers are used depending on the sensitivity of one’s skin. The severity of the acne scars is also a factor when choosing a laser.

Compared to creams, lasers are more effective. This is because the beams penetrate deep into the skin and destroy bacteria. Lasers target only the affected surface, causing no harm to surrounding skin areas.

Acne scars cause inflammation and redness of the skin. This occurs because of bacteria and excess oil produced in the body. Laser treatment is more effective in reducing inflammation and redness.

Using creams is a temporary solution. Even after repeatedly using them, there is no guarantee of scars reducing. Laser treatment is a permanent solution. Lasers treat bacteria and reduce the excess oil produced by the body permanently.