Laser treatment is one of the most advanced ways of removing unwanted tattoos. During the laser tattoo removal process, a beam of light is focused onto the area of skin which contains the tattoo. After this, the tattoo absorbs the light and over a period of time, the body naturally dissolves the ink.

Sometimes, brighter coloured tattoos don’t absorb the light, which means that they take more time to fade.

The entire process time depends on several elements and the immune system also plays a significant role in breaking down the tattoo.

Other than this, the skin tone of the patient is also a deciding factor. In many cases, people with darker skin have less contrast with the ink, compared to those with lighter skin. This means that it may take more time to remove tattoos from darker skins.

In addition to this, the colour of the tattoo plays an important role in the time that the process takes. For instance, colours such as blue, black and red can easily absorb lasers, which means that it takes less time. On the other hand, colours like green, white and light blue take more time.

The process of laser tattoo removal differs from one person to another, so it is always recommended that you fully understand the process beforehand.