Advanced lasers are used to remove unwanted tattoos from different parts of the body. If you have got a tattoo and now want to remove it then go for laser tattoo removal. In this treatment, a laser is focused on the area which needs to be treated. These lasers break the tattoos into tiny particles which are then removed by the body.

In order to remove the whole tattoo effectively, you may need to undergo several sessions. There are many other factors which influence the time required for removing tattoos from your body. Here are two main factors which affect the overall procedure of laser tattoo removal.

The skin tone affects the removal process

The colour of the skin which needs to be treated is one of the main deciding factors. It has been proved that tattoos on darker skin often take longer to remove than on lighter skin.

Colour of the ink in the tattoos

The colours which are present in the tattoos can also speed up or slow down the whole removal process. It has been shown that colours like blue, red and black can be removed easily and quickly. On the other hand, colours such as blue, white and green take more time.

In addition to these factors, the size of the tattoo obviously also plays a large role.