Acne is probably the most emotionally charged skin condition. From the first pimple or pustule appearing up to full coverage, wherever it appears on the face or body, it is upsetting and the very obvious scarring and alterations to pigmentation it leaves behind cause even more upset and stress.

The good news for acne scar sufferers is that there are a number of effective treatments available to banish acne scarring forever, and here at the Laser Treatment Clinic, we have all the information you need on how acne scar treatment works and how long it takes to see beautiful results.

Which Treatments?

There are four different types of acne scars which result from different causes such as infection, cysts, picking at your acne or a virus, and the scars left behind appear slightly different according to the initial cause of the outbreak. The type of skin you have also has a bearing on what treatment you have. It is because of these variations that treatments vary, and so can the time it takes to see visible improvements.

Derma White Treatment

Derma White Treatment is one of our more gentle skin peel treatments, which uses natural products rather than harsh chemicals to help remove the first layer of damaged skin along with the bacteria causing the acne. The result will be lasting fresh, brighter and clearer skin.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

This kind of laser technology utilises broad-spectrum pulses of intense light to kick-start the healing process. Because it causes minimal damage to the top layer of the skin, you will heal and recover pretty quickly. You will see improvements following your first treatment, and these results will continue to improve over several months as treatment continues.

Vascular Laser Treatment

This is another of the very effective treatments offered here at the Laser Treatment Clinic and is particularly good for severe acne scarring, as is our Vascular Laser Treatment. It works by restructuring the surface of the skin, removing damaged skin cells and scarring while at the same time stimulating the formation of new collagen. 

As with any laser treatment, you will probably need several sessions over a number of weeks, depending on the severity of your scarring and the damage to your skin pigmentation. A degree of initial reddening and soreness is to be expected, but this will recede quickly, leaving behind the clear skin you’ve always dreamed of.  

Getting good results from any acne scar treatment won’t happen overnight. As we said, the time taken to see visible results can vary greatly from a few days to weeks or months, depending on the treatment and the severity of the scarring. What is important is that you follow the recommended treatment protocol exactly as your dermatology professional tells you and be patient! Your treatment will work to give you the beautiful, clear, scar-free skin you’ve always wanted.

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