How microdermabrasion helps to treat stretch marks

Posted on 13 Sep, 2011

Stretch marks are difficult to treat. They form when the dermis stretches beyond its limits causing damage. The body attempts to repair the damage by producing collagen, but the collagen cannot replicate the original appearance of the skin, and so, a darker mark appears.

As the damage occurs below the surface of the skin, it is often extremely hard to remove completely, and yet some stretch mark treatment can help improve things enormously. Stretch marks do not disappear on their own. They may fade over time, from a deep red to a silvery-white, but they won’t go away without a little persuasion.

Microdermabrasion offers a type of treatment that works on stretch marks of all ages, without any invasive procedures and with minimum discomfort. Unlike some creams on the market, microdermabrasion is safe for your skin and does not cause any further damage.

The procedure gently removes the upper layers of skin, sparking off the body’s own repair mechanism. Not only is fresh new skin revealed, but the production of collagen and new cells is also boosted.

Optimum results are usually achieved when microdermabrasion is used in conjunction with another form of treatment. Laser treatment is often applied after deep exfoliation to enhance the final results.