Microdermabrasion provides a way to rejuvenate skin that can be used to treat various skin complaints from acne scarring to stretch marks. A hand-held device sprays super-fine medical-grade crystals over the skin, removing skin cells, which are then vacuumed away.

Even after the first session, the skin can look noticeably better and smoother. The best results are obtained, however, with a course of treatments, which can result in a reduction of sebum production, more even skin tone, fewer wrinkles and enlarged pores.

The texture of the epidermis is greatly improved, and as the microdermabrasion encourages skin renewal, this layer is actually thickened. This makes skin appear plumper and healthier.

As any initial treatments act on the epidermis, changes to the dermal layer are more gradual. Yet microdermabrasion also improves the structure, collagen production and blood flow to these layers.

The result is improved texture and tone, making microdermabrasion highly effective at dealing with unwanted blemishes, even those that occur within the dermis. Stretch mark removal, acne and other forms of scar treatment, pigmentation and skin rejuvenation treatments all use microdermabrasion to remove offending features and stimulate the growth of healthy new skin.