More and more adults and women in particular, are developing acne, even if they have never suffered from it before. We used to think that acne was a teenage affliction that would disappear once adulthood was reached.

Modern society and lifestyles have changed all this, however, with busier and more stressful lives thought to be contributing to this unsightly skin condition.

Pressure is thought to stimulate a stress hormone, which in turn causes an increase in sebum production. The problem with adult acne is that if you don’t remove the stresses (i.e. your job and family!) this acne is not something you will grow out of.

It is important to get it under control promptly in order to reduce the risk of acne scarring. Laser treatment targets the bacteria that can cause inflammation and infection, which are two major contributing factors in the development of acne scars.

If scars do appear, there are treatments that can improve their appearance, reducing the post-inflammatory redness and revealing a smoother texture. This is achieved using a combination of microdermabrasion treatment and laser therapy.