There is currently an e-petition on the Government’s website that aims to highlight the discrimination against tattoos in the workplace. While the petition reminds us that people should be hired for their skills and abilities above all else, it also goes to show that having a visible tattoo can hold you back in life.

The mere existence of this petition demonstrates that prejudice still exists and that people are still being judged on their body art before they are judged on their personal strengths and qualities.

It is important to keep this in mind when considering having a tattoo done. What may seem like at a good idea on the spur of the moment may turn out to be a real thorn in your side at a later stage.

If you are determined to have a tattoo, make sure you choose a spot that is easy to conceal and keep the size discreet. A smaller, simpler, black tattoo can also be removed more effectively with laser tattoo removal should you change your mind about it in the future. Even a small tattoo would require a course of treatment through so think about all possible outcomes before going ahead.