How to be prepared for your laser hair removal appointment

Posted on 13 Feb, 2011

Laser hair removal is the best answer to excessive hair growth. It is obvious that you will be excited as well as worried before your first laser treatment procedure.

Follow the below tips to prepare for the laser treatment:

Choose the right clinic

Many hair removal clinics have been set up over the past few years. Some laser treatment clinics also offer a free consultation. You can then discuss the procedure and eliminate your doubts.

Avoid waxing

It is recommended that you do not wax the area that needs treatment before the laser treatment. Similarly, you should avoid using depilatory creams as they can affect the hair roots. Ideally, you should stop using these methods four weeks before the appointment.

Pain relief

Ask your surgeon to apply a pain relieving cream prior to the procedure. An anesthetic cream will reduce the sensation of pain. Make sure that you read the ingredients on the cream carefully before applying it. You can also consume over the counter pain relieving tablets to reduce pain when you are at home.

How to deal with redness

It is better to schedule an appointment at the end of the week so that the redness will subside by Monday. In this way, you can resume work without feeling self conscious.

Follow the above tips and prepare yourself for your laser hair removal session.