How to cope with a birthmark

Posted on 16 Aug, 2011

Port wine stains can appear anywhere on the body and can take on any shape or size. Some may be easy to hide away and not cause any problems to those who have them.

It takes a certain kind of person, however, to be able to accept a facial port wine stain and to find coping mechanisms to deal with people’s reactions.

Reactions can range from curiosity to pity or mockery, and it can be very damaging to a person’s self-confidence, particularly during those formative school years.

There ways of dealing with the issue. Camouflage is one option that can prove very effective. Specialised water-proof make-up can be used to conceal any birthmark, and if it is applied well, this can be an ideal solution.

For others, port wine stains removal is the only option they will be satisfied with. This can be achieved using laser therapy that eliminates the dilated blood vessels below the surface of the skin that result in the red mark.

The process is simple. Light from the laser is absorbed by the blood and increases its temperature until the blood coagulates. At this point, the cells lining the blood vessels denature and the vessel is rendered useless. As a result, the birthmark fades and eventually disappears.