For a lot of women, developing stretch marks after having a baby is a common occurrence. They appear due to rapid weight gain, as the connective fibres within the dermis break and the skin loses some of its elasticity.

Some mothers are accepting of their stretch marks, seeing them as an inevitable part of being pregnant, whilst others try desperately to get rid of them. This second category wastes a fortune on creams, lotions and ‘miracle cures’ that barely make a difference to the appearance of their stretch marks.

As the damage to connective fibres occurs within the middle layers of the skin rather than on the surface (the epidermis), there are no lotions or solutions that can penetrate deeply enough to correct the damage. They may fade stretch marks to some degree, but they will always be quite visible.

One solution that a lot of women are trying these days is laser treatment, or rather laser treatment combined with other solutions such as microdermabrasion and ultrasound therapy. Used together, these treatments safely and effectively eradicate stretch marks and firm up the skin, so that you can flaunt your post-baby body rather than hiding it away.