Whether they were caused by pregnancy, bodybuilding, weight gain or loss or just adolescence, stretch marks can be a real pain that can have a significant impact on how you feel about your body. They can appear anywhere, although they tend to affect areas of the body that will be put on display as soon as you don a swimming costume, bikini, shorts or a skirt…

So, if you want to avoid remaining covered up this summer, you need to do something about those stretch marks. Stretch marks start off red or purple when they first form, then fading to a less noticeable silver.

But the scar tissue that makes up stretch marks no longer has the same pigmentation as the surrounding skin, and will not tan either. This means they can get more rather than less noticeable if you are spending time on the beach.

Most of us find it hard enough as it is to expose our bodies in bikinis and beach gear, but stretch marks can make it even harder. Luckily, stretch mark removal treatment can produce great results, causing the pigmentation differences to fade away and improving the appearance of the skin’s texture.