One of the things that is pretty much guaranteed to happen to your body when you are pregnant is the appearance of stretch marks. But you should be aware that they definitely aren’t just limited to appearing on your stomach. Your body will change a lot throughout pregnancy, and as the skin stretches, these small red/purple lines are bound to appear, most commonly across your stomach, breasts and thighs.

Whether or not you get stretch marks is, of course, dependant on a few factors, and in some cases stretch marks are hereditary so no matter what you do you will get them! There are a few ways in which you can look to try and prevent stretch marks throughout your pregnancy. And here at The Laser Treatment Clinic, our skincare specialists run through a few ways, keep reading for more information.

Maintaining A Healthy Weight

We know you are obviously going to put weight on throughout the pregnancy, dependant on your weight before you become pregnant will determine a healthy weight you should maintain, the skin is likely to stretch throughout this weight gain but the impact will be lessened if you maintain a healthy diet and weight.

Look After Your Skin

There are many ways that we recommend for you to look after your skin in day to day life, but when you are pregnant it’s even more important to. Investing in a good moisturiser and exfoliator will ensure your skin is in prime condition, and limit the effect that weight gain will have on your skin. Stretch marks commonly come about when the skin loses its elasticity and the epidermis breaks, if you are prepping your skin for this, it will limit the impact.

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the best ways you can look to keep your skin healthy and radiant is through staying hydrated. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 cups of water a day. And though staying hydrated you can create a healthier base for your skin. What is going on inside is often reflected on the outside.

If you get stretch marks through your pregnancy, they will mostly disappear after the birth of your child, but sometimes they can turn into thin, silver lines that can cause self-confidence issues in some women. Are you looking for an effective treatment for your stretch marks? Contact The Laser Treatment Clinic today.