How to reduce acne scarring

Posted on 17 Jun, 2011

For those who suffer from acne, just the breakouts themselves can be bad enough, without having to deal with possible scarring too. Scars may take months to fade and therefore remain visible months after the breakout has been controlled.

Scarring will always be possible, but there are ways of reducing the likelihood of them forming, and of treating their appearance:

1. Everyone knows they shouldn’t do it, but many can’t resist the temptation! If you suffer from acne, treat your skin with respect and care and don’t subject it to picking or squeezing. Fiddling with spots can lead to infections worsening and the rupture of follicle walls. If this happens, the infected matter can damage the surrounding tissues and almost certainly result in scarring.

2. Deal with the cause. Seek acne treatment as soon as possible in order to reduce the likelihood of further scarring. Once the acne is under control, then you can turn your attention to treating the appearance of your scars.

3. Some skin care products can be very helpful when dealing with scars. Rose E can significantly improve the appearance of scars, working on the process of cellular regeneration and nourishing your afflicted skin.

4. Laser treatment and microdermabrasion can be very effective at improving skin condition, reducing pigmentation caused by scars and stimulating the growth of new, smooth skin. Laser can also address the root cause of the scars and eliminate the bacteria that lead to spots.