How to treat acne scars

Posted on 26 Jan, 2012

Acne scars can be a very unwelcome reminder of an embarrassing problem, and they can take years to fade away, if they do at all. Pitted scars can be a nightmare to conceal, as the loss of tissue means that they leave depressed areas of skin.

Treatment is necessary to deal with acne scarring and to improve the appearance of the skin. Microdermabrasion and laser treatment offers an effective and non-invasive form of treatment that can reduce the post-inflammatory redness as well as evening out the skin’s texture.

Removing the damaged superficial layers of skin also reveals the healthier skin that lies beneath and encourages the skin’s natural healing process. The subsequent laser treatment stimulates the production of collagen which will result in smoother and more elastic skin.

If these procedures still seem too invasive, you may prefer to try out certain skin products first. Some can be very helpful, although you need to make sure that they are kind to your skin as well as affective at dealing with the problem.

Rose E oil is certainly worth trying, as it boasts many properties that are renowned for having a positive effect on the appearance of scarring.