If you have dry, tired and sensitised skin it is also important, however, to determine why your skin is suffering in the first place. Something within your environment is affecting your skin’s ability to retain moisture and natural protection.

Possible causes could be:

• Soaps or other cosmetic products that are simply too harsh for the delicate skin on your face;

• If your face is exposed to extreme climatic conditions such as the wind, cold or sun, the natural oils that keep skin hydrated and supple can be stripped away, leaving irritated and tired skin in its place;

• Don’t spend too long in hot showers or baths;

• Some medical conditions can cause dry skin, so make sure you visit a doctor or specialist for expert advice in how to tackle the problem;

• Malnutrition is also a possible cause – make sure your diet provides all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy skin;

• Not using moisturiser correctly. It must be applied to damp skin, not dry, so that it can seal moisture in;

• Central heating… It dries the air out and will have a similar effect on skin, so turn down the heating and invest in a humidifier for the bedroom.

So, if your skin is suffering, invest in skincare products that will gently restore and soothe it, while making some changes to your environment and the way you treat your skin.