Caused by the production of excess melanin, hyperpigmentation is an incredibly common skin condition that can affect individuals with and skin type or tone. However, those with Asian or Black African skin types experience this skin concern far more frequently than those with lighter skin tones, due to the fact that they naturally have more melanin in their skin to begin with. What this means is that any hyperpigmentation or scarring becomes far more visible, greatly affecting a person’s confidence and even leaving a mark on their mental health if the hyperpigmentation is severe enough.

Common Causes of Hyperpigmentation

Treating hyperpigmentation on any skin tone start with understanding what caused it to begin with. Like many skin conditions, there are a number of different triggers for hyperpigmentation including, trauma to the skin, UV exposure, genetics, and hormones. In darker skin tone, acne is particularly well-known for causing hyperpigmentation as the scarring it causes is often accompanied by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Of course, acne is not the only cause of PIH. Asian and black African skin types are prone to PIH from any number of inflammatory conditions that affect the skin. These can include eczema, irritation, and ingrown hairs alongside acne as we have already mentioned. Other damage to the skin such as sun damage, self-harm scars, fungal infections, stretch marks, and even the use of harsh skincare products can trigger PIH too.

The reason why darker skin tones are so easily affected by PIH is that because as the body heals the injury, the skin in the affected area becomes darker in colour as the healing response triggers melanin production too.

What happens on darker skin tones is that often once the original condition has healed, as part of the body’s natural healing process the skin becomes darker in colour in the affected area, caused by an overproduction of melanin.

How We Treat Hyperpigmentation

The skin experts here at The Laser Treatment Clinic have decades of experience in using a number of different techniques to treat hyperpigmentation on Asian and black African skin tones. Because darker skin tones require an added level of care in order to not cause any further hyperpigmentation, it is important that you choose a clinic like ours that will have the expert knowledge required.

Our range of hyperpigmentation treatments includes the Derma White Treatment and Ultra White Derma White cream, both of which have been formulated to safely and effectively tackle hyperpigmentation issues on darker skin tones. Our exclusive Derma White Treatment permanently clears Hyper-pigmentation on all parts of the face and body including the Face, Lips, Neck, Dark Under Arms, Abdomen, Chest, Back, Legs, Knees, Intimate Areas, Buttocks, Feet and Hands.

To find out more about these or how we can help you, book a free consultation with one of our skin experts.