Ideal candidates for laser tattoo removal treatment

Posted on 31 Oct, 2010

Laser tattoo removal treatment has positively evolved since its introduction. The use of different lasers and improved technologies have made this treatment more effective than previously. Still, there are a few factors that need to be considered before opting for laser tattoo removal treatment. To know what factors are considered and are you a suitable candidate, read on:

How long have you had the tattoo?

The effectiveness of treatment largely depends on the time span of the tattoo you have had. The ink of tattoo fades with the passing time. This happens because of the constant renewal of skin cells. New tattoos take more time and hence require many sessions to get removed completely.

Ink used

There are two types of tattoos – single coloured and multicoloured. Single colour tattoos use only one colour while multi-coloured use number of colours. It becomes easier to treat single colour tattoos as they take less time to break into tiny fragments.

Type of skin

Type of skin is the most important factor to be considered for tattoo removal treatment. If you have skin allergies or sensitive skin then the type of laser used will differ. You might have to take care of before and after the treatment for positive results.

Who qualifies for the treatment?

Any individual who does not have major skin allergies and is not on any medication can opt for laser tattoo removal treatment. If any medical treatment is going on for any ailment then you need to complete it and then opt for laser treatment. It is preferred that you consult a skin expert before getting this treatment done.