All women have some hair on their faces, but it is usually of the light, pale, downy kind that isn’t really visible to the eye. However, some women have darker, thicker hair on their faces that is visible. This can cause quite a lot of embarrassment, not to mention lots of time and money spent trying to remove it.

It is possible to try waxing, bleaching or using depilatory cream to remove unwanted facial hair, but this can cause irritation on the sensitive skin of the face. If you are tired of struggling to keep on top of facial hair removal, it’s time to find a more permanent and effective solution.

Laser hair removal is commonly used to remove unwanted hair on the legs, bikini line, underarms and other body parts, but it can also be used to treat hair on the face. The treatment involves a few short treatments and only causes minor discomfort, and there is no usually a long recovery period.

After your treatment is completed, you should be left with smooth skin that is free of unwanted dark hairs. This can banish self-confidence issues and leave you free and happy to face the world.