Laser treatment is very popular amongst people in certain professions. Swimmers, divers, cyclists and other sportspeople choose to use laser hair removal to help them to perform better.

Meanwhile, models, actresses and people in the beauty industry choose to use laser treatment to remove any imperfections and flaws they are unhappy with.

It is an unfortunate fact that in the beauty and entertainment industry, every detail of your face will be scrutinised. It is a harsh business, and only the most thick-skinned will succeed.

This pressure to be perfect can lead some aspiring models, actors and actresses to go under the knife, getting cosmetic surgery to get rid of any visible flaws.

This isn’t necessary, not when there is a non-invasive and much easier treatment available. Laser treatment can improve the appearance of and even eliminate completely the following:

• Moles and freckles
Birthmarks and port wine stains
• Broken blood vessels
• Rosacea
• Thread veins
• Scars (including acne scars)
• Active acne
• Tattoos

After a course of treatment, the area you’re not happy with can be successfully treated and the problem eliminated, all without taking the drastic step of surgery.