An amateur tattoo artist was recently taken to court in Scotland for performing his ‘art’ on underage school children.

While the tattoo artist maintained that he has the necessary sterilisation equipment and used fresh needles, the case highlights some of the risks associated with getting a tattoo.

In this case, the teenager was tattooed when she was still fifteen years old. She had decided to get a large tattoo on her stomach in memory of a former boyfriend who has died in a car accident.

The girl’s mother had refused permission, but the tattoo artist went ahead regardless. Police involved in the case have pointed out that the legal minimum age to request a tattoo is eighteen, as immaturity and impulsive decisions can result in inappropriate tattoos that can cause regret at a later stage.

Tattoos have become more acceptable in recent years, and are sported almost like fashion accessories by many celebrities. Problems arise when a tattoo represents a particular time or person which can become a source of embarrassment as an individual change.

Tattoo removal using laser treatments can provide effective results, although treatments are accumulative and work better on certain types of tattoo.