Hair removal is a necessary evil for both men and women, requiring time, effort and money in order to achieve smooth and hair-free skin. Nowadays there are many different methods, from shaving to electrolysis, with some you can do at home and some requiring the services of a professional.

These methods all have advantages and disadvantages: shaving is quick and cheap, but needs to be done frequently; waxing can be messy and painful although it does last longer; electrolysis is permanent but only targets one hair at a time, making it an expensive and time-consuming option for areas such as the legs.

IPL is fast, safe and offers permanent hair reduction. It does not need to target one hair at a time, and it can take as little as one hour to complete treatment on the legs. As the energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair rather than the skin, the surrounding tissue is not damaged by the IPL.

The hair root is vaporised and the hair naturally drops out within two weeks of the treatment. As the denatured follicle is unable to produce new hair, the treatment does not increase the risk of painful ingrown hairs, unlike shaving and waxing.