Facial and body hair can be a problem, particularly as current trends definitely favour a smooth and hair-free appearance. Whether hair growth is normal or excessive, we are removing more and more of it in an attempt to measure up the ideals of today’s society.

And yet hair removal is not easy, whichever method you choose, and can also be time-consuming and painful. We all know how easy it is to cut ourselves with a razor and how frustrating it is to see the stubble growing through again just twenty-four hours later.

Waxing offers longer-lasting results, but again, it can be problematic; ripping the hairs out of your body can be a painful business and some hard-to-reach areas mean that you need to find the time to visit a professional salon. Waxing can also result in hairs growing beneath the skin’s surface, where they can cause inflammation and infection.

Hair removal using lasers is not only safe and very quick but it also permanently disrupts the hair growth cycles of individual follicles. For the best laser hair removal, London has to offer, contact The Laser Treatment Clinic.