Acne problems widespread and range from the mild to the very severe. It is a myth that these skin problems only affect teenagers. The truth is that acne can also affect adults.

In spite of its prevalence, there are many facts about acne that most people do not know. Whatever acne treatment you plan to undergo, here are some things you should know about this particular skin problem.

• Acne is not the result of not washing enough. The problem is more sophisticated than a simple lack of personal hygiene.

• Neither is acne related to diet and particular kinds of food like chocolate, oily food or fatty food. A healthy diet is, of course good, for your health and your skin, but it does not affect acne.

• Stress does not cause acne either. However, it is possible that stress can aggravate existing acne conditions.

• Sweating is not a cause of acne. You should not forego exercise out of a fear of acne breakouts.

Understanding these different myths will allow you to choose a suitable acne treatment without worrying about diet or hygiene. There are different kinds of acne treatment available today that can treat this skin problem effectively and quickly. Out of all the various treatments, laser acne treatment is perhaps the most effective and long-lasting.