With new technologies emerging all the time, painful and tedious hair removal procedures such as electrolysis and shaving are now a thing of the past. Laser hair removal is one of the most innovative cosmetic surgery methods available. The lasers used are highly sensitive and delicate devices that can only be operated by fully trained professionals.

The laser hair removal procedure has been researched and developed by some of the greatest researchers, physicists and dermatologists around.

Lasers can target specific areas by selectively heating melanin, dark target matter and the follicle- the area that causes hair growth, whilst not harming the surrounding skin. As light is absorbed by dark objects, laser energy can be soaked up by dark matter in the skin. The chromophore, or dark matter, can be introduced artificially or can occur naturally.

With the help of laser hair removal procedures, you can easily get rid of unwanted hairs from many areas of the body including the face, ear lobes, lips, back, shoulders, abdomen, underarms, buttocks, bikini lines, thighs, chest, neck, arms, hands and legs.

For all hair removal lasers, melanin is considered to be the primary chromophore. Melanin naturally occurs in the skin and gives colour to hair and the skin.

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