Acne usually appears in adolescence as hormones start to kick in. This also coincides with a time when young people feel most insecure about their appearance. Teenagers are faced with flawless media images which often serve to make themselves feel more self-conscious. Even if acne appears later, in a person’s twenties or thirties, it can come as a shock and have a negative psychological and emotional impact. Unfortunately, acne can leave distinctive scars which then means that low self-esteem and negative body image can carry on into adulthood. The experts at The Laser Treatment Clinic understand that people who have suffered from moderate to severe acne often continue to experience blemishes and scars for many years.


Whilst Treatment May Work, What Happens To The Skin After?

Teenagers and young adults may spend many hours and a lot of money in an attempt to combat acne, sometimes successfully, only to find that they are left with significant scarring which is here to stay. Acne often causes tissue damage that results in the scars. Patches of healthy skin tissue can be permanently lost and replaced with scar tissue. This explains the depressed appearance of some scarring.


When Hiding Isn’t Enough

Some people find that they can hide the scarring by applying foundation and concealer but this doesn’t work for everyone. If the scarring is in a prominent place, usually cheeks, chin and forehead. It can be tricky to conceal and can result in people hiding away and avoiding activities such as swimming where makeup can wash off, or seeing people first thing in the morning before makeup is applied. This unhealthy body image may lead to people believing that the scarring is the first thing someone will see upon meeting them and so will become timid and self-conscious. They may believe that the scarring will affect their attractiveness and ability to make friends.


The Solution: Acne Scar Treatment

The good news is that there is a solution. Laser acne scar treatment uses medical microdermabrasion with Marine Boost treatments to provide deeper skin exfoliation resulting in rejuvenated, smoother skin. This permanent, sophisticated solution to scarring has a massive impact on confidence and self-esteem, meaning that sufferers no longer feel the need to hide away. After treatment, the need for thick makeup should be gone completely. The boost in confidence may help to resolve any feelings of anxiety and depression and give the client a new lease of life. The results are impressive and potentially life-changing.

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