Invest the time to have your unwanted tattoo removed

Posted on 09 Aug, 2012

It is worth gaining a little insight into how laser tattoo removal actually works before you engage in treatment. Laser treatment is recognised as being one of the safest methods of removing a tattoo that you are no longer happy with, but understanding the procedure represents good practice in terms of preparing for the treatment and knowing what to expect.

The procedure itself does not last long. It essentially involves the application of a gel to protect the skin tissue before the laser is applied to the area affected by the tattoo. The ink is targeted by the laser technology and the aim is to break down the pigment in the ink so that it may be absorbed naturally by your system. This is perfectly safe and discomfort is minimal.

Of course, a tattoo is unlikely to be removed in one session. Several will be needed in order to remove all traces of the ink so you may need to undergo treatment for several weeks, but when you have decided to have the tattoo removed it makes sense to invest the time to do it properly.