Teenage acne is one of those things that appears unexpectedly and you can’t plan for. It affects almost 80% of teenagers, and is caused by, predominantly, the changes in hormones throughout puberty.  When skin is subjected to hormone changes, it produces a substance, called sebum, which can block pores and hair follicles and lead to the formation of spots and painful bumps on the skin. The increase of testosterone during puberty is the main cause for the extra production of sebum, but a poor diet, and too much makeup are often listed incorrectly as triggers. Is Acne Laser Treatment effective for Teenagers

What constitutes acne?

There are different types of spots that can appear during breakouts, the most common of which are:

  • Whiteheads – These are hard bumps, with usually a visible white spot in the centre, called the head
  • Blackheads – Similar to whiteheads but the centre is black
  • Pustules – These usually look a bit bigger than your average whitehead or blackhead and a lot of pus can be seen
  • Nodules – These are underneath the skin, and manifest as painful hard bumps and cysts.

Picking and squeezing these spots can cause scarring, so it is advised to leave them to go away naturally, but this can take some time and can be difficult to work with in your daily life. So the faster you find a solution the less scarring you may end up with. There are some treatments you can look at if acne is causing you a lot of problems, and of course if it’s also affecting a person’s self esteem and lifestyle then it’s certainly worth looking into and possibly starting a treatment earlier rather than later.

Acne Laser treatment for teenagers

Acne laser treatment is just one of the treatment options available for those suffering with acne, but one that is becoming increasingly popular. A little more expensive than creams and lotions, it is usually only used as a last resort by many teens, but it does offer a high success rate.

One of the benefits of using lasers to treat acne is that it’s a relatively painless process. The way in which it works is by using the laser to direct a powerful beam of light, which pinpoints and targets the bacteria under the skin and eliminates it, without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The benefits of using laser treatment

There are several benefits of using laser treatments over traditional acne treatments for teenagers, but one of those that has become more important than before is the fact that it avoids teens having to take antibiotic treatments, and prescribed medicines that may have side effects that can be unpleasant. You cannot have failed to notice the number of products that have been said to cause depressive symptoms and side effects in some teens, and although this only happens in a thankfully low number of cases, it’s not a risk many people are now willing to take.

In addition to this, improvement can be quick, and usually a short session of treatments is enough to solve the problem in many cases.

The risks

Of course, with any sort of treatment for any medical problem, there are small risks. In the case of laser treatment for teenage acne, these range from skin sensitivity, to temporary pigmentation changes. However, these should resolve after treatment has finished. However, it’s vital that you opt for a good provider who can combine the treatment with skincare products to ensure the results last.

In short, the effectiveness of laser treatment isn’t in question, but considering your budget, knowing how it works and choosing a laser treatment provider that has the experience and specialises in providing solutions to these type of skin concerns and can go through all of the benefits and risks with you is something you must certainly make sure of, before going ahead with treatment.


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