Is acne treatment the right choice?

Posted on 25 Jan, 2010

One of the most popular methods for acne suffering individuals is laser acne treatment. This effectively gets rid of scars and can bring it back to normal looking skin. This treatment is totally dependent on the kind of skin a person has and based on that factor, the dermatologist will suggest an apt type of treatment. Though it may not be the best choice for every acne sufferer, there are many people who have undergone the treatment process and had positive results.

What you need to know about laser acne treatment:

How does it work?

• The acne affected area of the skin is rubbed with anesthetic cream.
• There is little or no pain experienced during the laser treatment procedure.
• The affected area is treated with a smooth laser beam that moves over it.
• The laser causes deep skin renewal.
• The spots and scars are removed by the laser effectively.

Cost of the treatment:

• The cost of the laser acne treatments will depend entirely on the kind of treatment suggested and the intensity of the condition.
• One session is usually enough for the condition to be treated.

Time it takes:

• Normally laser acne treatment takes about 15-20 minutes

The time it takes to heal:

• Most of the cases, it takes about one to two weeks to heal completely.
• The discomfort is very low in this type of treatment.

Technology is advancing at an increasing rate, and hence the effectiveness of this type of treatment is increasing also.