Is Australia becoming anti-tattoos?

Posted on 05 Mar, 2012

It would seem that tattoos have had their day Down Under, as more and more hotels, restaurants and bars are threatening to refuse entry to patrons with tattoos on display.

It would seem that those who have visible tattoos are being associated with a certain type of client who is more likely to cause problems for these establishments. As a result, just as wearing trainers can cause problems when you are trying to getting into a club, now, so can tattoos.

Could this signal a change in the wider acceptance of tattoos, or did the prejudice never really go away in the first place? While some people are complaining that these kinds of rules are breaching anti-discrimination laws, others just want to see tattoos covered up rather than on the show.

If tattoos, or rather, tattooed people come to be seen as undesirables, it could result in a decline in the numbers opting for tattoos in the first place or could prompt others to go for laser tattoo removal treatment.

While covering tattoos at work seems understandable, many will be surprised that this is now being extended to their social lives.