Is it possible to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

Posted on 30 Mar, 2012

While pregnancy itself is a wonderful and life-changing experience, most mums-to-be dread waking up to find their skin covered with red or purple lines. These days, magazines remind us daily of how quickly celebrities snap back into shape after pregnancy and prove it with glossy photos of flawless skin.

Most women will be at risk of developing stretch marks during pregnancy, particularly during the final trimester, when the baby undergoes a growth spurt and hormones kick in to loosen tendons in the pelvis. These hormone changes also make the dermis more likely to tear at a time when it has to accommodate rapid weight gain.

Other influencing factors can include genes and family history, which makes it seem like there’s little you can do to prevent the stretch marks from appearing. This isn’t necessarily true, and it is thought that keeping the skin nourished and hydrated, as well as regular massaging, can help to prevent them from forming.

If the stretch marks appear despite your best efforts, don’t panic! Stretch mark removal is possible using a combination of microdermabrasion and laser treatments, which can offer impressive results.