Excess hair, especially when it appears on the face or neck, can be very difficult to live with. It can have a massive effect on self-esteem, causing you to feel self-conscious about your appearance and maybe even affecting your relationships.

Hair removal creams, waxing and shaving all get rid of the problem, but only for a short period. This means that you have to go through it all again on a regular basis, leaving many people feeling trapped in a seemingly never-ending cycle of hair removal.

There is a solution – laser hair removal. Granted, it is more expensive than waxing, shaving or other depilatory methods, but not when you consider that its effects are long-term and you won’t have to go through the course of treatment more than once.

Laser hair removal only used to be noticeably effective on dark hair colours, but the technology is now sufficiently advanced to be able to treat blonde, grey and even white hair.

The treatment is also suitable for all skin types, although it is extremely important that you go through extensive pre-treatment checks with your doctor and with the laser treatment clinic. You shouldn’t go through with laser treatment on broken or damaged skin, or if you have any sort of reaction to the pre-treatment tests.