Is laser stretch mark removal treatment risky?

Posted on 30 Mar, 2011

Stretch marks are a common problem faced by women, especially those who have gained weight due to pregnancy. Of the many skincare products that are available on the market, most will take time to give the desired results.

This is why many women today opt for laser stretch mark removal treatment to get instant results. These treatments are much safer than conventional plastic surgery and are also more affordable.

Causes of stretch marks

The main cause of stretch marks is the rapid expansion of the skin. This expansion occurs either due to weight gain or due to pregnancy. When the dermis, which is in the middle layer of the three skin layers, is stretched, the fibres connected to it break and the collagen is disrupted. This is what causes scarring which we know as stretch marks. They usually appear in the form of purplish pinkish threads and they can be seen on the stomach, thighs, hips and upper arms.

Stretch mark removal treatment and safety

Stretch mark removal treatments are available at many skincare centres and hospitals today. Although technically classified as a surgical procedure, this type of laser treatment does not have any serious after-effects, as the entire procedure is totally non-invasive.