In our most recent blog, we took you through a few of the most popular laser treatments we have undertaken in our clinic throughout 2016; here, we are going to look at how laser treatment could be the solution to help you feel more confident in your skin in 2017 and how it could permanently resolve your skincare problem.

At The Laser Treatment Clinic, we look to eradicate skincare issues with the use of our specialist products and formulations, offering some of the most popular laser treatments that are available only at our clinic located on Harley Street in London. We offer a number of treatments that are suitable to clear up a range of skincare problems; including, but not limited to, pigmentation, active acne, acne scarring, stretch marks and even tattoo removal.

Throughout this blog, we will delve a little deeper into a few of these skincare issues that many people face each year and look at how laser treatment can help to become a permanent solution to these problems.

Acne Scarring

In the past year, dermatologists have seen a 200% increase in adults enquiring about adult acne and how it can be permanently removed; our specifically formulated marine fluid acne laser treatment is one of the most popular choices for those suffering from acne who want permanently, clear and healthy-looking skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Here in the UK, women spend upwards of £8,000 and four months of their life on removing hair from their bodies, and this number is around the same for men; whether it’s waxing, tweezing, shaving or laser hair removal, the presence of excess unwanted hair across your body can cause confidence issues.

Laser hair removal offers a safe, virtually pain-free alternative to many common ways to remove hair across the body, leaving smooth results that will last longer.

Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation is a common skin problem that can be problematic to resolve dependent on your skin type; at The Laser Treatment, we offer one of the leading solutions for pigmentation with or specially formulated Derma White Treatment, which is safe to use in those with darker skin.

Laser treatment can be used across a number of skincare problems to effectively treat and in a lot of cases leave permanent results, contact our friendly skincare specialists today for more information and to book your skincare consultation for 2017.