Is tattooed hair a solution for balding men?

Posted on 26 Feb, 2012

A new solution has just been launched to cater for balding men who, unlike Wayne Rooney, don’t have the resources to pay for hair implants. The treatment, which involves tattooing pigments into the scalp to replicate the look of a close shave or crew cut, costs approximately two thousand pounds, and its developers hope that men will see it as a low-cost non-invasive solution for their baldness.

When executed by a professional, the results may be impressive, although you would need to trust that practitioner completely. If they get your hairline wrong, or the result does not achieve the desired look, then the customer will be left with a highly visible and embarrassing scalp tattoo!

It will be interesting to see whether this new type of treatment catches on, and to see how customers react to their new heads of tattooed hair… I suppose if it all goes wrong, there is always laser tattoo removal treatment, although surely having the treatment on the whole scalp cannot be pleasant. Failing that, there may be some who will end up wearing hats in order to hide their tattooed hair. Time will tell.