Is there a laser hair removal option for men?

Posted on 14 Jul, 2011

A lot of people consider hair removal to mainly be of concern to women, but this really isn’t accurate. Excessive or unwanted body or facial hair can negatively affect self-esteem and self-confidence for men as well as women, and it is often a nightmare to manage.

Waxing and shaving excess or unwanted body hair can be extremely time-consuming, and it doesn’t always produce the desired effect. Some men find themselves left with bristly stubble, or they develop an unsightly and sometimes painful rash.

Whilst many women are able to take advantage of all the services specialising in laser hair removal London has to offer, some men sometimes struggle to find solutions that suit their needs. This needn’t be the case anymore, as laser hair removal treatments have now been developed that are specially for men.

Using an Advanced Intense Pulsed Light system – one that is clinically proven to offer permanent reduction of hair on the face and body – excess hair can be a thing of the past. The system targets the melanin in both the hair follicle and shaft and raises the temperature of each so that the cells responsible for hair growth are destroyed.

It is fast, effective and affordable, especially if you consider how much time and money you would otherwise spend on less effective hair removal methods over the years.