Is your skin feeling the effects of winter?

Posted on 09 Dec, 2011

Researchers working for a beauty company have been investigating the effects that the winter weather can have on our skin.

They have found that although just over a third of women suffer from bags under their eyes during the summer, this increases to nearly two-thirds in the winter.

It is thought that these dark circles are the result of a lack of sunlight, which in turn reduces the levels of Vitamin D and serotonin.

Dark circles and puffy eyes appear to be replacing wrinkles as the most-dreaded sign of ageing, with claims that they add nearly five years to someone’s age.

These are not the only difficulties faced by your skin during the winter. Extreme changes in temperature as you move from centrally-heated interiors to cold exteriors can cause your skin problems.

For those suffering from rosacea, these fluctuations in temperature can trigger flushes and increased redness. Thread veins can become more prominent as a result.

Even for those without skin conditions, they may find that their skin looks tired and aged if not using appropriate and nourishing skincare products.