It is possible to beat active acne, but the spots and pustules can leave behind an unwelcome and unsightly reminder that can take years to fade away. The inflammation caused by the blemishes can leave the area of affected skin reddened and marked, making camouflage necessary in order to even out skin tone.

The other problem caused by acne is the scars it can cause. Acne scars are typically pitted due to tissue loss caused by infected and inflamed spots. This lack of tissue can make acne scars difficult to hide.

There is no need for acne scars to continue making life difficult for those who have previously suffered from acne. Using a combination of microdermabrasion and laser treatment, the skin can undergo a deep form of exfoliation that removes the damaged layers of skin to reveal smoother, healthier skin underneath.

Not only does the treatment reduce the pitted appearance of the skin, but it can also reduce the redness left behind by inflammation. The laser stimulates skin renewal and collagen production, ensuring that the new skin cells look as good as possible!

Don’t be defeated by acne scars having triumphed over the active acne itself; it is never too late to remove acne scars.