Seventy-eight year-old comedian Joan Rivers has changed her mind about getting a tattoo as the very last minute. She decided to have a bee tattooed onto her behind, but once the procedure had just begun, she called a halt and left with just a spot of ink (anyone remembers Phoebe in Friends?).

She jokingly said afterwards that she was worried about what the bee would look like if she should gain weight, and was scared by the sound of the needles. She may have made the right decision.

With more and more people choosing to have extensive and numerous tattoos, the number of those experiencing tattoo regret is also on the rise. The problem is, that once a tattoo has been inked, it is designed to stay put! The ink particles are simply too large for the body to remove, and so they remain trapped between the layers of skin.

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective solution available in the case of an unwanted tattoo. It works by targeting the ink particles, causing them to heat up and break down into fragments small enough for the body to remove from the site.