The cold weather has finally hit, and we’re really beginning to feel it. In winter, the weather can play havoc with our bodies, and nowhere is this more obvious than our skin and hair.

Aside from the fact that they’re the first thing people notice about you, they’re also the things that are most exposed to the bitter winds, rain and snow. However, there are a few great ways to keep your skin and hair looking good, and with that in mind, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to getting though the winter with skin and hair that look great, just in time for all those Christmas parties.
Golden Rule 1: Cover up
It’s one of the most important things to do. You may not feel like wearing a full on Eskimo suit, but a hat and scarf should suffice. Don’t neglect your hands either, wearing gloves is important to avoid chapped skin, and you can even purchase gloves that allow you to use your phone whilst keeping your hands warm, so if you’re an iPhone or Android addict, you can update your Facebook status without damaging your hands.
Golden Rule 2: Don’t have your bath or shower too hot.
It’s oh-so tempting to run a roasting hot bath or shower when you’ve just walked in after a wintry walk but stop and think before you do. Hot water on your skin and hair can strip it of its natural moisture, so turn the thermostat down a little and use a good moisturiser after bathing or showering to ensure you’re not damaging yourself.
Golden Rule 3: Eat well
The best way to avoid dry skin and dull lifeless hair this winter is to ensure you get the right diet. You need to be eating plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids, so foods rich in this, such as oily fish, avocados, nuts and olive oil are required. Don’t forget to stop by the fruit and veg stall either, and grab some citrus fruit and leafy greens, which contain antioxidants to help boost your skin. The vitamin C in oranges can also help to produce collagen, which will ensure your sin retains its elasticity.

Following these golden rules above will help, but there are, of course some more specific problems you may need some help with, so soothe your winter woes with the suggestions below:
What’s the problem?
Dry and flaky skin is pretty common in the winter, and is usually down to the fact that the weather is more abrasive, and we have the heating on more. Central heating takes some moisture out of the air as well as heating your house, so if you want to make it through the winter with the heating on, but still retain the moisture in your skin, there’s a few things you need to do.
What’s the solution?
For dry skin on the body, make your own winter moisturiser by combining olive oil and milk to your bath. Sounds strange but it seems to really work. If you can’t stand the thought of it in your bath, rubbing a little of the oil on your body after your bath will help, just make sure you don’t get it all over your linen. In addition to this, you should moisturise with a heavy-duty moisturiser as well, and if you can do it within the first few minutes of getting out of the bath, then you’re likely to retain more moisture in your skin.

For facial redness, particularly round your nose, then it’s well worth applying a warm (not hot!) compress to the nose and cheeks to gently warm the skin once you get home. Once you remove the cloth, moisturise, and keep doing so throughout the day. If your red nose is due to a cold, then try to refrain from rubbing it, and use tissues with balm in when you can.

For your extremities (hands and feet) there are many things you can do to avoid dryness and chapped skin. For feet, remove dry skin once a week with a pumice stone, then slather on moisturiser and put socks on top. (Preferably cotton ones so your feet can still breathe) For hands, keep gloves on as much as possible and get a heavy-duty cream.
What’s the Problem? Hair Woes

In winter, there are a variety of problems our hair has to deal with and left untreated, many of them can damage the hair quite badly. Dealing with problems as soon as they occur is the best bet, so look below for solutions to some common problems.
Dry Scalp
Use tea tree oil based shampoos, or massage the scalp with coconut oil or vitamin E to moisturise it. To avoid the problem reoccurring, then take shorter showers, and again, turn the thermostat down to avoid drying the skin on your scalp further. If you think it’s caused by too many products (we all like to look great at parties after all) then try a thorough rinse with apple cider vinegar and you’ll soon be party ready once more.
Fly Away Hair

Your dry scalp (see above) may cause your hair to become fine and full of static. Follow the advice above and then ensure that you use a brush with natural bristles. This will help to distribute the oils in your hair evenly, and right to the ends. It will also attract less electricity this way! If you love to wear hats in winter, go for those made from natural materials such as cotton.

Looking after your skin and hair this winter will ensure that your festive photos show you at your best, rather than a red nosed, scaly shadow of yourself!


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