When you develop rosacea it can be disheartening to know that there is no cure for this chronic skin condition. The spots and persistent flushing can also be accompanied by highly sensitised skin and can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Rosacea is usually triggered by environmental factors like strong sunlight, heat, cold and pollution. It can also worsen if alcohol or spicy foods are consumed. Each person is individual and their skin reacts in different ways.
It is for this reason that keeping a diary can be such a valuable experience for someone suffering from rosacea.

Keeping a diary enables the person to analyse the circumstances that are followed by a rosacea flare-up.
Once the links have been made, then the triggers can be avoided and the condition can be managed more effectively. As a general rule, anyone with rosacea should avoid exposing their skin to strong sunlight and should systematically wear sunblock to prevent redness and irritation.

If the complexion is already reddened and thread veins are visible through the surface of the skin, rosacea treatment using IPL can be very helpful. The intense light removes thread veins and decreases redness.