Keep thread veins at bay with a few changes to your lifestyle

Posted on 20 May, 2012

Thread veins are not entirely preventable; if there is a family tendency to develop them, then you may well do so too. There are, however, certain factors that can also contribute to their appearance:

• Smoking is well known to exacerbate weakened vessels, which can result in them remaining dilated. There are many reasons for giving up smoking, and thread veins are probably the least persuasive.

• Lifestyle can also increase the likelihood of developing thread veins. If you sit down for too long or stand up for too long, then the vessels in your legs are put under pressure. Thread veins can form as a result, so make you move regularly during the day to keep things moving!

• Heat dilates the veins, so avoid exposing yourself to high temperatures too often. If there is a family tendency, avoid saunas and other hot environments.

If despite your best efforts you still get troublesome thread veins, thread vein removal is very effective at removing them permanently. The vessels are destroyed, meaning that once they have been treated the spidery lines disappear from view!