Keep your rosacea under control

Posted on 03 Mar, 2012

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition which means that unfortunately there is no cure. Once it has appeared, you have to learn how to manage it and keep any symptoms under control.

The first step to take is to identify any triggers that cause symptoms to worsen. These can vary from person to person, but they’re commonly include spicy foods and alcohol, as well as extremes of temperature or harsh environmental conditions.

Once you have discovered what makes your rosacea worse, you can begin to avoid them and hopefully reduce flare-ups. But what should you do about those symptoms that remain?

Rosacea can result in the appearance of thread veins, which contribute to the permanent flushing of the skin and can require specialist make up to conceal. Luckily, Intense Pulsed Light therapy can provide effective rosacea treatment.

The light energy causes the dilated blood vessels in the skin to collapse and disintegrate, thus removing the cause of the visible veins and reducing any redness. While the treatment cannot prevent new thread veins from appearing, a combined approach of treatment and management can make it easier to live with the condition.