An article that has appeared in the Skin Cancer Foundation Journal in America has warned drivers about the dangers their skin is exposed to while driving in their cars. Apparently, those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel are at risk from sun-damage, albeit on one side of their face and body.

Sun damage manifests itself in the skin as tan, and excessive exposure can result in skin getting wrinkly and ‘leathery’ as collagen levels decrease and the ageing process accelerates. The lack of elasticity can also result in sagging, and the sun is well known for its effect on pigmentation, which can become uneven and produce dark patches or spots.

Windscreens are generally treated to be resistant to UV rays, but side and rear windows are not, leaving skin exposed to potential damage. Of course, the best approach is that of prevention. Using a high factor sunblock, such as The Laser Clinic’s 40+ Total Protection is essential if you want to prevent damage.

Sun-damaged skin treatment is available, however, and can really improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and excess pigmentation. Two types of treatment can be used depending on the extent of the sun damage and the expected results.