Unfortunately, one of the common triggers of the chronic skin condition rosacea is… the sun. And now with summer upon us, it is doubly important to make sure that your fragile complexion is protected from the sun’s rays.

We should all be wearing a daily sunblock on exposed areas of skin, but for those who are more likely to suffer a flare-up of redness, thread veins and spots, it is absolutely essential. There has been some discussion about how wearing sunblock can inhibit Vitamin D production resulting in a deficiency, but ten minutes in the sun without sunblock should be enough. You certainly don’t need to leave your skin unprotected all day!

Make sure, too, that you get into the habit of wearing a sun hat when the sun is at its brightest and most intense. This can help keep the rays off your face and keep the skin cool, which should reduce the risk of rosacea symptoms.

If, however, despite your best efforts your face is left flushed and marked by thread veins, make sure you seek I.P.L. treatment, which can very effective at helping you to manage these symptoms.