While the last two articles dealt with make-up products and their application techniques, it is essential to take good care of your skin, too, if you want to avoid worsening your skin condition. Whichever beauty products you use on your skin, you must make sure that you remove them effectively at the end of the day.

Many people who suffer from active acne also have oily skin, and they can be tempted to use astringent cleansers typical of the type marketed to teenagers. Products such as this are simply too harsh, however, and strip the skin of the protective film that prevents dehydration.

As a result, your skin will try to replace this film, producing yet more sebum and causing more spots. It is much better to choose a gentle but effective cleanser that will respect the natural moisture balance of your skin.

It is also important to remember to wash your hands thoroughly before you touch your face; if you don’t, you risk transferring oils and bacteria to your vulnerable complexion. The same goes for any make-up applicators: wash them after each use, or you could find you are doing your skin more harm than good.