Keeping your skin free of acne

Posted on 10 Oct, 2010

Acne usually affects teenagers due to hormones, although it can affect men and women of all ages.

Acne can be caused by a number of factors, and simple methods of getting rid of this skin condition may not always work. There are a number of pills and ointments available on the market that may or may not work. Even if they do work slightly, it takes time for them to provide any visible results.

Mentioned below are some tips that can help you to keep your skin healthy and free from acne.

Diet: Your diet is the most basic thing to begin with when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. Fibrous food and plenty of water should be a large part of your diet as they flush out impurities and help to keep acne at bay.

Face cleanser: Wash your face at least twice a day to keep the pores clear. At the same time, ensure that you use a face wash with moisturising properties. Soap has a tendency to dry out your skin, and to make up for the lost oil; the skin will end up producing extra sebum which can make acne appear.

Benzoyl peroxide: Benzoyl peroxide is an effective agent that is proven to help keep acne and blemishes at bay.

Skin type: It is extremely important to consider your skin type before using any products. Also check for products that can cause allergic reactions.

Do not pop: Popping and squeezing spots could lead to scars which will prove very difficult to get rid of.

If you still can’t control acne, there are many acne treatments that can help. One of the most effective is laser acne treatment. This is very effective and results can be seen very quickly.