Keloid scars

Posted on 18 Jan, 2012

All types of scar can cause cosmetic problems that can affect a person’s self-confidence and even affect their quality of life. Keloid scars can be especially problematic, due to their appearance and the way they grow.

Keloid scars are not dangerous, although they can cause discomfort, severe itching and even pain. Depending on the site of the scar, they can also affect movement. They occur when an injury has been sustained, and the body produces too much collagen in an attempt to repair the wound.

As the scar forms, it grows beyond the original injury site, extending over the healthy skin surrounding the damaged skin. They tend to be raised in appearance, and can take the form of fibrous or shiny lumps. Their colour can also vary from the colour of the surrounding flesh to darker reds or browns.

Scar treatment at The Laser Treatment Clinic is twofold. Microdermabrasion forms the first step in scar treatment, gently and uniformly removing the damaged layers of the skin on the surface. This procedure brings the new and smooth skin to the surface.

A laser is then used to promote skin renewal, so that the new skin is healthy, plump and elastic, thus reducing further the appearance of the scar.