Kim Kardashian prepares for her wedding with laser hair removal

Posted on 12 Aug, 2011

Preparing for a wedding can be a hectic and extremely stressful time. With so much to organise and with so much riding on this one day, brides-to-be need all the help they can get. Reality star Kim Kardashian has obviously decided to take some of the stress out of the preparations, by opting for laser hair removal to get her looking her best for her upcoming wedding.

Laser hair removal is fast, safe and permanent, which gives it a huge advantage over other methods of hair removal. Shaving is quick but the hair grows back too quickly, and no-one wants stubble or shaving cuts on their wedding day! Waxing and epilating can give longer-lasting results, but can also cause ingrowing hairs which can result in inflammation and even scarring.

Much better, then, to leave it to the experts and opt for the best laser hair removal London has to offer. The Laser Clinic can safely and quickly remove excess hair from any part of the body. Although blonde or white hair have previously been thought to be problematic where laser treatment is concerned, specially designed laser treatment can successfully remove them. The laser denatures and destroys the hair follicle, meaning it is unable to grow any new hair.