Laser acne removal – Enhance your skin and looks

Posted on 06 Oct, 2010

Acne is usually associated with teenagers and people with oily skin. It can also affect people with hormonal imbalance. While acne generally clears out after puberty, there are some people who suffer from it even in their late 20’s. Acne is responsible for low self esteem and affecting the looks of an individual by leaving scars and black spots.

Fortunately, this skin condition can be rectified with the help of a simple procedure that has advanced with changing times. Several forms of laser treatment exist, including methods to reduce oil production and destroy blemishes. If you suffer from acne, opt for laser acne removal for best results and an unblemished look.

Some facts about acne

Acne develops due to blocked pores resulting from the accumulation of dirt/grime and oil. Over time this accumulation causes swelling of the pores and result in acne. Popping and scratching acne will result in scars.

Laser acne removal procedure

The surgeons use a beam of laser and target it to the affected part. This laser beam heats up the skin and burns off the upper layer of the skin thereby clearing the pores and exposing a newer and fresh-looking skin. This treatment can also be used on acne scars and spots.

Advantages of using this treatment

Unlike creams and antibiotics, laser acne treatment provides long term results. Internal side effects associated with antibiotics such as upset stomach, diarrhoea, allergic reactions, headaches, vaginal yeast infections and lessening the effects of birth control are also avoided with laser acne removal.

After the surgery
It is important to take precautionary measures once you undergo the surgery. Avoid exposing the treated part to the sun. Do not scrub the area during shower and use warm water for 2-3 weeks. Use the ointments prescribed by the surgeon and visit your doctor for more information on follow up procedures.